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  • Seconds Of Beauty

    0 CommentsPosted on September 13, 2012 under Cool Videos, Featured Seconds Of Beauty
    Beauty is a relative term, and the beauty of the world around us may be easily overlooked due to the sea of routine chores. This interesting You Tube video, made of a series of just one-second shots,  shows various scenes from human life. Joy, sadness, movement, excitement - all these feelings can be seen in this video clip. Watch and get the chance to realize how many beautiful moments you exper... more.
  • Funny Pig Ormie

    0 CommentsPosted on September 11, 2012 under Animals, Featured Funny Pig Ormie
    Ormie is a Pig, in every sense of the word. So... Ormie see cookie. Ormie want cookie. But they are out of reach...or are they? This funny pig will do anything to get a treat. See how much effort it costs to achieve the objective. This persistence and determination should be rewarded. Will it happen? Watch the video and enjoy Ormie's attempts to gain the warm sweet taste that is his obsession.... more.
  • Gravity

    0 CommentsPosted on September 11, 2012 under Cool Videos Gravity
    The discovery of gravity has become a very important impulse for intellectual development of mankind. Gravitation is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature. Modern physics describes gravitation using the general theory of relativity by Einstein. This video clip shows falling objects synchronized to produce rhythm. As you can see gravity can be used to create music. It is worth mentioni... more.
  • How To Shower? Man vs Woman

    0 CommentsPosted on September 11, 2012 under Funny Videos How To Shower? Man vs Woman
    Despite the fact that men and women belong to the same species, their daily life varies quite significantly. The sensitivity, strength, anatomical structure - these features certainly distinguish a woman from a man. And what about taking a shower? This funny YouTube video clip examines in depth and perfectly illustrates the difference between how men and women shower. What does a women do in the s... more.
  • Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

    0 CommentsPosted on September 10, 2012 under Music Video Clips Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent
    Susan Boyle stole the hearts of millions and became a YouTube phenomenon with over 300 million views of her performance in Britain's Got Talent. You Tube spokesman Julie Supan said that she had never seen the video, which was gaining popularity so quickly. Boyle became an inspiration to all those who have dreams. Susan surprised the world performing amazing song 'I Dream A Dream'. After all, this... more.
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