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  • Best of Web

    0 CommentsPosted on June 28, 2013 under Cool Videos Best of Web
    Here is an amazing mix of 187 video clips of the past few months. This stunning compilation of YouTube movies presents the world of humans and animals in unusual or very dangerous situations. People are capable of many unimaginable things and this video certainly proves it. Amazing shots and slow motion intensify the impression. 5 minutes, 187 shots - enjoy!... more.
  • Epic Matrix Dance

    0 CommentsPosted on June 23, 2013 under Dance Video Clips Epic Matrix Dance
    Kenichi Ebina is one of the participants in the popular television show America's Got Talent. His performance will certainly be remembered for a very long time. This amazing artist presented the Matrix storyline using only the movements of his body. The video takes just a few minutes, but it makes a big impression. This guy has amazing skills.... more.
  • Robin van Persie Freestyle

    0 CommentsPosted on June 10, 2013 under Sport Robin van Persie Freestyle
    Robin van Persie is a Dutch football player. He plays for Manchester United (English Premier League) and the Dutch national team. Robin and his colleagues decided to play with the young adepts of football. This You Tube video clip shows that the match was one-sided, and the kids still have a lot to learn. But who knows? Maybe one of those kids will remember this lesson and will grow into an outsta... more.
  • How Animals Eat Their Food

    0 CommentsPosted on May 3, 2013 under Animals, Funny Videos How Animals Eat Their Food
    The animal kingdom is very diverse. Each species has its own rituals and specific behaviors. This funny YouTube video site clip shows how the animals eat their food. Two guys, two plates, a table and a lot to learn about the animal world. Certainly this is not a nature film, but sometimes we need a new look at already known topics. Have fun.... more.
  • Test Drive – Jeff Gordon

    0 CommentsPosted on March 22, 2013 under Cool Videos Test Drive – Jeff Gordon
    The new car is a big thing in the life of every man. Before buying a new one, it is worth to double check the car and take a test drive. This amazing YouTube video shows how to test drive a new car. Jeff Gordon as a test driver and Chevrolet Camaro is an amazing combination. High speed, amazing acceleration, sharp curves - this is it! I think that the car dealer will remember this day for the rest... more.
  • Amazing Speed Painter

    0 CommentsPosted on February 15, 2013 under Cool Videos Amazing Speed Painter
    Painting is one of the oldest and most important arts. It requires technique, precision, creativity and lots of patience. However, is it possible to paint a picture in 90 seconds and amaze the audience? This movie clip shows that it is possible. A painter had exactly one and a half minutes to create something that will intrigue the judges of Anderson's Viewers Got Talent show. Watch and enjoy.... more.
  • The Beatboxing Goat

    0 CommentsPosted on February 4, 2013 under Animals The Beatboxing Goat
    Goats are very intriguing animals and they are among the earliest animals domesticated by humans. At first glance, they seem to be very inconspicuous, but goats have many hidden talents. This funny YouTube.com video shows one of these talents - the beatboxing goat. You can see a sense of rhythm, flow and perfect head movements. But most important is the love of music, both for animals and humans.... more.
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