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  • Funny Woman Dance

    0 CommentsPosted on October 4, 2013 under Dance Video Clips Funny Woman Dance
    Boredom is a very serious problem for many people. How to break the boredom and routine in your daily life? There are thousands of books and guides how to deal with it and gain the will to live. This funny YouTube video shows a woman who struggles with boredom perfectly. Waiting for the bus turns into an amazing dance performance. She is really great.... more.
  • LG Meteor Prank

    0 CommentsPosted on September 18, 2013 under Funny Commercials LG Meteor Prank
    LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV has a cutting-edge display technology that sets a new standard in home entertainment. This TV offers picture quality with a resolution of 4K, so the screen reproduces the finest details of multimedia content. LG likes to promote its products in a unique and fun way. The victims of the latest promotional joke are the people invited to a job interview that witness the cosmic a... more.
  • Funny Spider

    0 CommentsPosted on September 4, 2013 under Animals, Cool Videos Funny Spider
    What would happen if spiders could talk? Are they talkative animals? Would it make any sense? This funny Youtube video clip shows that the spiders - just like humans - have their own problems and they willingly talk about what's bothering them. It's pretty funny. Arachnids have a good sense of humor.... more.
  • 10 Life Tricks You Need To Know

    0 CommentsPosted on August 17, 2013 under Cool Videos 10 Life Tricks You Need To Know
    The summer is in full swing. It's hot outside. Time of rest and fun. This short movie clip shows ten helpful tricks during the summer activity. Some of them are quite useful. Just watch and learn how to deal with fruit flies? How to impress your friends at a party? What to do with the phone on the beach? How to effectively eat a hamburger? How to deal with ants?... more.
  • Great Shadow Dance

    0 CommentsPosted on August 7, 2013 under Cool Videos Great Shadow Dance
    Each of us has a fairly clear idea of what dance is. Dance can express a lot of things in many different ways. Attraction is a group of dancers from Hungary. This YouTube video site clip shows their appearance on the popular TV show Britain's Got Talent. They use the shadows of their bodies to represent a unique and touching story. What they showed was truly amazing. Just watch and enjoy!... more.
  • Star Wars Prank

    0 CommentsPosted on July 14, 2013 under Funny Videos Star Wars Prank
    Popularity of the Star Wars saga is a global phenomenon. George Lucas has created movies that are deeply rooted in popular culture. Almost everyone in the world knows such characters as Lord Vader and Luke Skywalker. An integral part of them was the FORCE. Here's a You Tube video site clip that demonstrates the use of the mythical FORCE in modern times. Let the FORCE be with you.... more.
  • Amazing Basketball Kid

    0 CommentsPosted on July 8, 2013 under Sport Amazing Basketball Kid
    Titus is a two year toddler with an amazing talent. He began shooting baskets shortly after learning to walk. This YouTube.com video shows this amazing kid and his tricks. Excellent precision, coordination, perception and finesse. He certainly has a great future ahead of him. NBA is already waiting for him. Have fun.... more.
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