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  • Funny Interview

    0 CommentsPosted on March 22, 2015 under Funny Videos Funny Interview
    Journalism is very interesting, but also difficult and dangerous job. Number of situations you may face as a journalist is difficult to imagine. A boat, a river and sunny weather - perfect conditions for an interview. This video shows that it is not always as we would like it to be.... more.
  • Woman, Man and Honor

    0 CommentsPosted on January 13, 2015 under Funny Videos Woman, Man and Honor
    Here is an interesting and funny Youtube video clip showing how important honor is for a man. Attractive blonde woman sitting in a cafe. A bald man a few tables away is adored by her. Woman buys him a drink ... Everything looks great and it seems that the guy took the bait. But then things are a little different than he could imagine. Do you think you would react in the same way as this guy? I thi... more.
  • Beauty Tricks

    0 CommentsPosted on October 31, 2014 under Cool Videos Beauty Tricks
    It is said that beauty is a relative term. There are many canons of beauty. Today's world strives for perfection in many areas, including beauty. This video shows that it is worthwhile to stop and think about the reality that surrounds us. Not everything is the way it seems to be at first glance. There are many tricks to deceive us.... more.
  • Train Party

    0 CommentsPosted on October 20, 2014 under Dance Video Clips Train Party
    Travelling by public transport is usually associated with boredom and nothing enjoyable. Does it have to be like that? A guy came up with the idea ​​how to make the daily journey to work or school more enjoyable. This hilarious YouTube movie clip shows that it really works. Just a little positive thinking and lively music. After a while, boring train turned into good party - just try it.... more.
  • Animator vs. Animation IV

    1 CommentsPosted on October 12, 2014 under Cool Videos Animator vs. Animation IV
    Here's another skirmish between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator. In 2006 appeared the first clip with the participation of the sympathetic stick man. This time the stick man attacks Facebook account and a phone of its creator. I must admit that the idea and execution of this clip is at a very high level. I look forward to more clips from this series.... more.
  • Hero Cat

    0 CommentsPosted on May 31, 2014 under Animals Hero Cat
    The You Tube video clip shows the heroic behavior of a cat. Aggressive dog attacked a small boy and then suddenly appeared the cat that saved the boy. This cat certainly deserved a medal and a lot of favorite delicacy.... more.
  • Superman

    0 CommentsPosted on April 13, 2014 under Cool Videos Superman
    Superman is a pretty interesting guy. There have been several films about his life. However, with a simple coincidence we have the opportunity to see in this YouTube video site clip, his life from a slightly different perspective. One day in the life of Superman registered with GoPro camera. Amazing views, some action, drama and of course a happy ending. As you can see, Superman is a very busy m... more.
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