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Got nothing else to do? Are you looking for something that will give you good entertainment? If your answer to these questions is YES then YourVideosTuber video site is really the right place to go. This amazing website shows a collection of comedic YouTube video site clips that range from parodies to scenes of real life caught on film. Expect only the finest and funniest You Tube video clips, which have been carefully selected by our team, so a smile will never disappear from your face. If you have found on the net anything interesting to watch and want to add it to our funny videos collection, feel free to drop a line on the Contact Page.

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  • Hero Cat

    0 CommentsPosted on May 31, 2014 under Animals Hero Cat
    The You Tube video clip shows the heroic behavior of a cat. Aggressive dog attacked a small boy and then suddenly appeared the cat that saved the boy. This cat certainly deserved a medal and a lot of favorite delicacy.... more.
  • Superman

    0 CommentsPosted on April 13, 2014 under Cool Videos Superman
    Superman is a pretty interesting guy. There have been several films about his life. However, with a simple coincidence we have the opportunity to see in this YouTube video site clip, his life from a slightly different perspective. One day in the life of Superman registered with GoPro camera. Amazing views, some action, drama and of course a happy ending. As you can see, Superman is a very busy m... more.
  • Magic Salesman

    0 CommentsPosted on February 8, 2014 under Cool Videos Magic Salesman
    What are the qualities of a good salesman? Equally important are the physical and mental characteristics. How about a little magic? This video shows the unique reseller. Common products have gained additional properties by using a few tricks. A touch of magic in everyday life adds a little joy.... more.
  • Crazy Workers Fail Compilation

    0 CommentsPosted on January 10, 2014 under Funny Videos Crazy Workers Fail Compilation
    These days, a good worker is a real treasure for the employer. Responsibility, diligence, conscientiousness and integrity are qualities that should characterize every employee. This funny You Tube site clip shows that the reality is quite different, and the ingenuity and creativity of some people knows no bounds. I have a feeling that these people have lost their jobs. Have fun and enjoy watching.... more.
  • Chuck Norris Challenge

    0 CommentsPosted on December 22, 2013 under Funny Videos Chuck Norris Challenge
    Do you remember the Volvo commercial with Jean-Claude Van Damme and two giant trucks going backwards? Chuck Norris responds in his style, with incredible power and shows something much better. This short YouTube video site clip shows something truly unique. As you can see, it is better not to irritate Chuck Norris. This challenge rather no one will be able to beat. His possibilities are endless.... more.
  • Towel Joke

    0 CommentsPosted on November 25, 2013 under Funny Videos Towel Joke
    Is 200 euros a lot of money? What can you do to get the money? Some are able to do a lot. This hilarious YouTube movie clip shows that you can earn 200 euro in a few seconds. Unfortunately, in this case the joy proved to be short-lived. Twisting mind of man always seeks for satisfaction at the lowest cost.... more.
  • Ferrari Pick Up Joke

    0 CommentsPosted on November 9, 2013 under Cool Videos Ferrari Pick Up Joke
    Do cool cars attract women? While visiting Las Vegas, the boys of TrueStory ASA tried a funny prank by asking girls out on the street next to a Ferrari. What do you think? How do girls react in such a situation? Do cool cars attract women to men or they attract women to the car? This interesting YouTube video site clip in the form of sociological experiment shows the correlation between people and... more.
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